Hello world!

February 1, 2009

This is my first blog ever so bare with me. I am in Barbara Nixon’s PRSA 2330 class and our first assignment is to blog about twitter, an online site that is used as a networking method in the PR world. It is kind of like a knock off version of facebook. You sign up for free, and add people (it’s called “following” on twitter), but the weird thing is that anyone can follow you. Unlike facebook where a friend request is sent and you can either choose to accept or reject the person, on twitter all they have to do is click “follow” and they can see all of a person’s updates instantly. Our first assignment was to follow thirty people in our class and have at least twenty updates by last Wednesday. Twenty updates was definitely harder to do than I thought. So far I haven’t really seen the point of having a twitter account but I’m keeping an open mind and hoping to learn new creative ways to make the experience more exciting and possibly make some connections that will lead me in the right direction career wise in the near future.  So far I have uploaded a photo and revised the “About Me” section, which isn’t that much but it is a start. I think when I find some spare time I will explore the website more extensively and hopefully find some extremely interesting people I would have never known if I hadn’t joined twitter this semester.